Many people are interested in learning forging as a hobby or future profession. Techniques, tools and objects made by the blacksmith are an essential part of our history. For centuries the Spanish blacksmiths were the best in Europe, specializing in swords and railings, creating masterpieces, now unjustly forgotten.

Quality education is our first priority, believe that having a good foundation of the basics of forging allows the student to succeed and be able to advance. We have teachers, teachers in the different modalities that will ensure the acquisition of new techniques and processes to strengthen both their own skills of each student as to avoid the loss of technical, assimilated the legacy of skill and wisdom of countless generations of blacksmiths.

Courses are held in Camarma of Esteruelas, located 5 km of Alcalá de Henares, 30 Madrid and 25 Guadalajara. We will have a work area 100 m2, with 6 forges, 6 anvils, hammers, screws blacksmith, tenazas, chisels and all the necessary tools to develop the art.

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