To make this anvil mainly need:

  1. Via rail train. (It is a steel F-625 “0’5% C – 0’6% Mn”)
  2. Radial ó Soplete.
  3. Welding Group. (Preferably perform the welding electrode or wire “Basic”)

Cut the rail trozos of equal, these are 500mm.

Anvil 01

We mark on the rail as desired, cut the rail with radial or torch, one for each hand. In my case I cut with torch.

Anvil 02

We put the two pieces and weld.

Anvil 03 Anvil 04

We shape and polish the hitting zone.

Anvil 05

Anvil 06

You have your anvil to start working the forge.

I hope I have served this tutorial help.

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